Anyone else get spam/fake profiles on tinder?

Fed up with recieving a match, then it goes something like this:

"hey *****, i dont trust this site anymore, however I am on (insert spam site name) and feel much safer on there, we can chat on there, you just need to register, its free and blah blah blah, verification, probably need a credit card etc"

Where are these girls based? I select people within a 20 mile radius and the population is pretty sparse around here, only a few small towns encompassing that distance, total population probably 50,000 odd.
There must be tonnes of spammers in every corner of the country and who is running this scheme?
I mean its hard enough to talk to girls without getting your hopes up and finding out its just fake people trying to get money out of you...
So many websites are like this too, why all the fake women?


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  • well it's petty easy to set up profiles automatically so they probably do one each few km.
    And I guess guys are more gullible and actually fall for it


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  • Oh they do that on all the dating websites, even on Craigslist , they are in other countries trying to get money, it's a big business overseas scamming guys on dating websites


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  • i've got a lot of those recently, i report them

    • Same, also from GB, maybe it's especially common here

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