Mature Elegant Lady vs Cute Energetic Girl (both in your dating age range). Which type do you prefer?

I prefer Mature Elegant Lady a little bit more who is no more than four years elder than me.
Which type do you prefer?
  • Mature Elegant Lady absolutely.
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  • Mature Elegant Lady more.
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  • Both of two types.
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  • Cute Energetic Girl more.
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  • Cute Energetic Girl absolutely.
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  • I am a Gay.
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  • I am a Girl.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • With girls I'd say I'd go for the mature type more. I'd prefer the partner to take the initiative tbh so yeah. Girls that wear leather though, oh my my my...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Energetic is a very good adjective for a girl I would want to date


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  • Cute and energetic, absolutely. I like energetic girls.


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