He keeps changing his mind?

So I've been with my boyfriend for two years now and we have recently bought a house together. We were talking about having kids the other day and agreed it would be a while until we had them as I want to be married first. I have the implant in and it's due to be removed so I said we can't have sex until then in case I become pregnant and he said that we could chance it and if something happened it happened and it might speed up marriage. Then we were at a birthday party with our group of friends joking about who would be next to have children and get married and when it came to us he was like 'pffff nope marriage and kids is a long way off for us.' Sooooo what's going on?


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  • Hmmm, maybe he just said that in front of your friends? Maybe he just doesn't want your friends to know that you guys might be planing something else? I'm not sure to be honest 😆 I think the best way to know without over thinking it is by asking him.. Talk with him about that conversation and tell him why he said that it if he has changed his mind..


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