Guys, how would you want to be rejected?

There's a guy I met on a dating app. Over text he was very charming and just my type and we got pretty close. I made it really clear that I'm interested in him and that I can see a relationship with him in the future and he did the same. When we met I was immediately a little disappointed. He was not as attractive as the photos he sent me and had posted on the app and his personality was very different. Overall I was very underwhelmed with him in real life. He on the other side was really happy with me both looks wise ("You look even better in person" type thing) and personality wise. He still kissed me during the date and I didn't stop him because I thought I should give it a chance anyways. After having a little time to mull it over I realized I don't want to continue dating him.
I feel trapped now because we both made our intentions clear about wanting a relationship and about how it was promising between us and now I've changed my mind and he's even more into me than before. He is still a great person and I'd like to keep him as a friend, so I want to reject him in the best way possible.
So far I told him that I am feeling a bit too much pressure and that I need some space, and he was totally understanding and said we could take it slow and that he doesn't want to ruin what we have so far. I have a date with him on Wednesday and I really don't know how to officially reject him then. I don't want to make him feel insecure so I want to to it in a way that will make it about me more than him.

So guys, how would you want to be rejected?
Girls who have been through this, feel free to share stories and tips.


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  • Reject him. Dont friendzone him. By letting him believe that you are taking it slow, you are leading him on. Sorry, but you have to let go of the friendship unless you will straight out clear this out that it's not going to work. Dropping hints doesn't work. Just cut contact and forget him

    • I just have to add, when I talked to him today it did seem like he knew where I was going with it because he said he still likes me as a person and that even if it doesn't work out he wants to be friends. He's a great guy and I don't see what's wrong with staying friends.

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    • If I make it clear it's not a date he's going to want to know what's wrong and then I'll have to reject him over text though..

    • Well if he asks you over text, then you can do it over text

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