If one girl rejects me within a small social environment, can I still ask another out within that same environment?

So I am quite a shy guy who doesn't talk that much to people or is very outgoing in general. But still I somehow found the guts and asked out one of the more popular girls in my social environment and she said no. Which I am totally OK with, no bad feelings and no self-esteem issues.

But now I feel as if I can't ask anybody else out or flirt with anybody within that same environment for at least the next 6 months. Maybe if I was a very social player type of guy yes but I think I will just look like a shy guy trying something he can't really do and failing at it.

My friends say it's bullshit and that I should just keep trying and that I could actually make me look more confident and attractive but I feel like if I do that my reputation will go through the floor.


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  • Na, to women, if you ask out one girl in that small environment, then just move onto the next girl if she says no, they'll realize you just want a date, and you aren't interested in genuinely know them, nor do you like one in particular. It looks desperate, and they'll most likely all say no if they know you're just asking everyone until one says yes.

    • Couldn't agree more. Only ask out girls who you genuinely like, and don't just move from one to the next quickly. It does just look desperate.

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