Should a contact a woman I dated after adding me as friend on facebook?

I dated a women several years ago and didn't go so well. Since then every time we randomly met she was very friendly. After 2 years from our last date she sent me a friend request on facebook and several weeks later a facebook invitation to an event (We randomly met there one year ago but I'm sure she sent it not only to me since she's a good friend with the organizer of the event).

Should I give a try?

PS1: I know she is single for 6 months after breaking with her 1 year boyfriend.
PS2: I'm not a stalker. She's a good friend of a work-colleague. And my work-colleague is kind of a big mouth.


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  • A friend on FB does not mean she wants to be with you again. Unless you have clearer signs she's interested I'd treat her as any random person you are attracted to. And act accordingly.


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