Random thought: Why does saying "I love you" (sometimes) scare one away?

As the title says, it's just a random thought I had a few days ago and would like to know what you guys and girls think :)

I'm more so referring to the context of a relationship (especially in a new one).
I don't really understand why, especially when it seems perfectly alright to tell them you "like them" or even "like them very much". Personally, it doesn't scare me away but I tend to hear about people getting scared away or creeped out by those words when it seems normal (and/or easy) to say that to our friends, family, pets, etc.

So... I'd like to hear your thoughts and/or experience (s) on this :)


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  • I'm a very loving person, it's like I love everyone lol. I don't think those words should seem scary to anyone. If I like someone a lot (and I mean anyone, friends, family, crush, anyone) and I actually value the relationship we have then I love them. No need to go crazy and think that's ever a serious game changer.

    • That's exactly how I feel... but it's so common that people feel creeped out by it and make a big deal out of it, which is what I don't understand. To me, if I love someone, I love them... and that's how I feel about them. That's all :)

    • Right! People always think there's a much deeper meaning behind it. I'm just being nice.

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  • Maybe after hearing the words, the other person realizes that she/he doesn't really love him back.

    And it scares her/him away because she /hefeels trapped.


  • it can if you're saying it too fast or really don't give them any depth.


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