My boyfriend sometimes seems like he doesn't care... (He's not exactly the emotional type) is this bad?

When we first started dating and he would always send me good morning and goodnight texts, talk to me a lot, etc. However, after about our third month of dating, he started to stop doing a lot of the sweet things he used to do for me. Is it because he feels like he doesn't have to do that anymore because we've been dating so long? I should mention that he still hugs me before and after school, and doesn't act really any different around me. But it still makes me feel weird? Maybe it's because I'm just overanalyzing it. I mean, we are complete opposites in a lot of ways so a lot of the time we try to communicate if we are not understanding each other. Also, I don't know if this has to do with anything, but his dad won't let us go on dates. (His dad comes from a culture that doesn't really like dating.) The only times we see each other out of school are if we are working on a project together. Advice please?


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  • it is not bad


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