Would you start a relationship while thinking it won't last? Should I?

I take any advice or answer to the title question, and if you have a little more time, here is my story !

I was in a long distance relationship for 1 year 3 months (2 hours and half of train). He ended it 3 months ago, saying it was to hard. I understand it and respect it. The break up still hurts, and thought I don't cry myself to sleep anymore, I've reached some acceptance point where I miss him, still love him, and wish him the best in the same time.

Now there's this other guy that I've known for a year. He's caring, funny, and somehow makes me forget about my ex boyfriend for a while. I like his smile, and the way he looks at me too. He does things that makes me think he might like me. And I think I probaby like him too, enough to think that he could be the one to start everything over with.

BUT. In two months, I'm leaving to study abroad for the spring semester (2 hours of plane). And when I'll came back to my study town, he'll leave for two years to study on the other side of the Atlantic.

My past experience, the short time we have left together, and the whole new level of distance I'm facing makes me believe that we don't stand a chance. Should I try anyway? Even if it means breaking up in two months? I'm not sure I can start this whole LDR thing all over again.


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  • LDRsare bad. Don't start.

  • LDR's are indeed super hard, but I don't get how people CAN'T do it in this day-in-age. We have cell phones, we have laptops with webcams. There's stories about LDR's back in the day, and while you may claim their "just stories", love can go a long ways! Imagine how hard it is for people in the army, but not everyone's marriage that involves someone being in the army ends up breaking. It's entirely up to you though. If you do have an interest him, if he initiates anything, you should definitely sit him down and talk to him about your past relationship being an LDR and it ended. If you're willing to deal with that long of a time away from each other, go for it, but make sure he's up for it too. And if you both do agree on starting a relationship, Skype, lots and lots of Skype. Good luck!


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