If you ever cheated on someone, What was YOUR reason for doing it? Plus, was it a one time thing or did you do it again?


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  • There seems to be two types of people who cheat...
    1) ones that get caught in the moment and can"t help themselves, includes players.
    2) Ones where the primary relationship isn't meeting their needs so they are forced to venture outside the relationship, includes people whose spouses may have refused to have sex with them for months or even years.

    • But neither of those things are okay

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    • Divorce is the lesser evil compared to cheating

    • I am guessing you have never been divorced... and yes that is the option I chose but to some people it is not the lesser evil. I mean if he relationship is otherwise happy (mine wasnt) I can see that some people would not want to destroy the family unit and their kids lives. I guess another option is to negotiate an open marrriage but most people are not open minded enough.

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  • I think most of us would cheat if we are absolutely, 100% sure, that we would get away with it, and the sex was no strings attached. It's just human nature.

    But since there is no such scenario in real life, most people would think twice before cheating - either for the fear of being caught, or for the fear of strings attached with the sex.

    • I wouldn't cheat because I know God's watching over me

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    • Even if he were out the equation, my conscience is the next Godly-like thing.

    • well congratulations to you and your godly conscious lol

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  • I wanted out and litaraly just wanted out one Time thing would never do it again i learned a lot

  • Because it felt right. Me and my boyfriend back then were going through a difficult time and we had gotten into a fight where he shut me out. I was on the edge of breaking up with him because the relationship was getting toxic so I went out with my girls one night then followed a super hot guy home and slept with him. I cuddled him while my boyfriend texted me. I broke up with him later on, that guy was not healthy. I wanted to feel loved and appreciated, I remember thinking that this one night stand gave me more "love" in one night than my ex ever did. I don't regret it, it made me see things clearly.

  • Yes - I cheated a few times on the same person.

    1) I have a much higher sex drive than my partner (I'd like every day, whereas he seems happy with twice a month).
    2) I had a career set back and my partner was being highly critical towards me at a time when I was depressed.
    3) The more selfish reason -- I was not an attractive teenager but I am an attractive adult, so getting attention from men is always a bit of a novelty for me.

    • I am just curious (this is a serious question I'm not trying to troll or anything).

      If your boyfriend cheats on you 2 - 3 times in the future, would you be pissed and break up with him?

      I'm just trying to figure out that if you catch your girlfriend cheating, then that means it's OK for you to cheat.

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    • @Asker - why did you only want sex with her twice a month? I really don't understand this, because guys are meant to be the gender with the higher sex drive. It makes you feel really shit as a woman to be with a guy who doesn't want to have sex with you regularly.

    • Because I wanted to marry her before being sexual. So she didn't give me what I want (marriage first)... So i barely gave her what she wanted

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  • i was horny and it was served on a plate.


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