Does he have a crush on me? Yes or no?

Okay so there is this guy that I have a big crush on, and well he stares at me a lot when I walk by him. And sometimes he will walk up and talk to me at school. Today I was at my locker and as he walked by me he smiled at me and while he was at his locker it seemed like he was looking at me, I could see him looking my direction in the corner of my eye. And also at the end of the day I was getting ready to leave and he stopped by me and poked me on the arm and looked back at me and gave me a big smile and I smiled back and he looked at me for a few seconds until his friend came over and started talking to him and then he looked at me again. And yesterday morning he was on Instagram and he was doing rates and he rated me a 10 I know there isn't a lot of details to go on & I'm sorry about that but this just happened recently!
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  • Definitely possible!


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