Help me out please! First timer here?

Thursday night I'm taking this girl to dinner and going to look at Christmas lights. This will be my first date ever and I'm shy at first. What should I say to keep a conversation going?

what should I do to make it go good with out it being awkward?


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  • Ask her about her hobbies, what she enjoys, what are her goals in life. Ask about her interests. Make sure you listen to her and pay close attention. Have good eye contact, hold hands, smile and laugh. Just be yourself and you should have nothing to worry about.

    • Would you just grab her hand or let her make the move?

    • Just grab her hand, make the first move. She'll enjoy the date with you.

    • Thanks

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  • Jokes, laughing, smiling, touching, eye contact, listen to her and comment on what she says, comment on surroundings, say anything really random and sexy funny like 'this is so awkward. That girl over there keeps staring at me and im on a date with u', 'r u trying to kill me? those legs are amazing!', 'I wonder if Santa is good in bed', 'Can i stare into your eyes instead? Theyre prettier than these Christmas lights'. Mix this up with actual serious convo to get to know her and so on. Hope this helps a little.

    • Thanks. What do you mean by touching? I mean how do you move bad not scare her. I guess holding hand and stuff.

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    • Smiling lots, laughing, relaxed posture, dilated pupils, playing with hair, clothesw, jewelry while looking at u. Open palms and wrists, feet pointing towards u, showing off her legs, boobs, butt. Biting her lip, gazing eyes, looking at your mouth, being touchy with u, solid attention on u and not looking everywhere else, etc etc.

    • Thanks for the help. Just really nervous

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  • The best advice is just be yourself, but don't put to much into it


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