Is he just playing with me?

I told a guy I liked him but only because I wanted to get it over and done with, get a solid 'no' and then move on from him. I expected to be rejected because he metioned before he was interested in another girl. But things didn't go the way I thought they would and he ended up accepting me and said he wanted to try dating me. I'm confused that he was interested in someone yet chose to date me. Under normal circumstances I would think he was playing with me but we've been friends for a few years now and I guess you can say I trust his character enough that I think he wouldn't screw around with a friend. Thoughts?


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  • Now, I am also confused as to why he is saying this after rejecting you first time, I mean if he is already interested in someone then what would have happened so that he lost interest and again started considering you? something doesn't seem to be right here.


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