Guys, How interested is he in a relationship with someone several years younger?

I met this incredibly perfect guy about three months ago. We met in a casino and we're talking, ended up taking his number down. A week later I texted him letting him know who I was and that it was nice meeting him. He asked me out on a date a for two weeks in advance and I happily accepted. I noticed that he wasn't much of a texter, which is fine. Contacted me about 3-4 times through text and called me once to chat, within those first two weeks. The date came along and it was absolutely wonderful. We spent all day together and talked for hours, getting to know one another and enjoying each other's company. We really clicked and sparked. So much in fact we ended up having sex that night. After that first date we talked some more, but not more than usual. He called me a couple more times than the first and we planned a 2nd date. A weekend away with him in Vermont. Sounded to go to be true but I took off of work and waited another two weeks, (I should mention he lives an hour and a half away from me) the day before the date he texted me canceling because of an important work commitment that was sprung on him last minute. Upset, I understood the work thing. I texted him the following week saying hello but no reply. I waited almost a month, assuming he was no longer interested, then on a random drunk evening I texted him hello. He immediately answered "hello I'm sorry who is this? I lost all my numbers I have a new phone" I told him who it was and he seemed thrilled exclaiming he thought I was mad at him and that he's sorry about what happened. We were talking for a few days when he asked me a 2nd time for a 2nd date. I accepted and waited a week for the date. Within that week I gave him a little chase and he ended up contacting me more than usual. We went on the date and it was wonderful as usual. We're so into each other. Again, we had sex. It's now two days later and no text/call. Should I be worried or should I wait?


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  • I don't know how much older he is, but he doesn't seem all that into you, based on what you've said.


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