Im not sure if she's into me or were just good friends?

its this girl im really feeling we've known each other since the 8th grade she's such a nice person nd says she liked spending time with me when we caught up in October I didn't see her for 2 years before that because I transferred schools sr year for football and now college is out and im back home and want to start right where we left off I planned on sending her flowers like 2 weeks ago and i told her and she said If I did she might have cried and said I was nice now if a girl is into you she would have said im a sweetheart or something right? But anyway I figured I send her some flowers out the blue i haven't been texting her the past week kinda on purpose and im not gonna tell her I want her but basically give her all the signals that I want her and see how she reacts to it and make a decision if I should pursue her or not is that a good idea? What type of reaction should I expect


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  • if you like her ask her out


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