Girls, What is the difference between being liked and valued?

What do guys do different that separates the two? The girl I like talked about how she would only date a guy that valued her, not liked her. It is like I know what it means but also don't at the same time.


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  • Hmmm well, I'd say in this case liking is being viewed as more shallow. Like if there's only sexual or aesthetic attraction, you're not actually valuing *her*. You just like to look at her. Valuing someone is respecting them as an individual and creating a place for them in your life.

  • For an analogy, I'm sure you "like" all of the things in your room, but you "value" some things over others, such as your smartphone versus a t-shirt. She wants to be in a relationship where she is valued at the level of your smartphone (or most valuable possession) and not just seen as a "t-shirt" that can be replaced, etc.

    • This is a good example, because now that I think of it every girl besides this one I've anyways viewed as she can replaced by someone, though it is not only in my hands to value her, I would want her to value also, not just "Oh if you fuck up ( or like a tshirt rips ), they can easily just replace me. " though say with the phone, you have a chance ( lets say it is 100% ) that dropping it could lose all your data, family photos etc that are almost irreplaceable. So she wants someone that sees her as "one of a kind" instead of "plenty of fish in the sea"

    • Exactly. Yep.

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