Friends with benefits?

So there is this guy I've known for about 8 years. We messed around a long time ago and never have been in a relationship because I was in one then he got in one. Well we have stayed friends and when I was single he would come hang out and give me massages but we never hooked up. Since I've been single about a year ago we have been friends with benefits. It used to be infrequent but then for the past couple months more frequently have him n I been hooking up. We talk on the phone for hours sometimes and I never really thought about him n I being together until last night he called me 3 times and I asked him what for cuz I didn't hear my phone and he said to stay over because he was drunk and needed a place to stay. He's never done that and told me recently that he's been talking to someone. Which makes me wonder what is his use for me if he's talking to someone. I just need an opinion if I need to be looking at a possible deeper meaning to him calling me out of everyone he knows or just leave it be.


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  • i think you should talk to him. I think friends with benefits is just friends with benefits nothing more can happen!


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