Guys, Do guys get jealous?

Like if you liked a girl but didn't date her but was in that inbetween about to date but didn't, but then you stop talking for whatever reason and a few months go by and you see her dating and being happy with another guy, do you get jealous? Or you see a picture of her with a guy on social media (her boyfriend) do guys not care about that if they once liked her? Or they don't think anything of it.
What is your opinion? No one word sentences please.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It'd sting a little bit... but will eventually be covered up by the fact that i had my chance and didn't take it... and i'll be happy for her.
    When you refuse to take a chance, you can't complain about what happens next, also if you are refused/rejected, the refuser shouldn't complain about what happens next... bottomline... you had your shot and you blew it.

  • I wouldn't get jealous, although i would regret the missed opportunity and fele like crap about myself.


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