So I went on a date?

Yesterday with this guy who works in a hospital as a doctor, so anyway was the first time meeting him and I told him things about me like he did himself. So we went for food but I didn't fancy anything so he got himself food and then we went to sit in the library to talk, but when we was chatting he put his arm around my waist but it's like he was trying to feel my ribs lol if that makes sense :/ as before that he said I was very petite & look light as a feather, & then he grabbed a book out about insomnia saying we should look at it to help me.. I feel like the date didn't go too plan and that he was talking too me like one of his paients, he asked me about 3 times if I was okay, in which I was.. Then he tried to kiss me, but I moved away as that's way too soon I hardly know him and I feel like we didn't connect as such. Am I wrong to think that this was such a bad date...


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  • It sounds like a really, really bad date to be honest. The guy kind of sounds like a creep.

  • Sounds terrible.


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