My boyfriend won't add me on any of his social media accounts... What to do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months now & him won't add me on any of his social media accounts. I even asked him about Snapchat... He told me he doesn't really uses it and said that he delete his account. When I asked him to create another one & add me. He said okay, but never did... Said when he had the time he would. Snapchat doesn't take long to create. He's always saying he doesn't use his social media accounts a lot but he's on them reading memes & telling me about the stuff people post. From what I can tell, he doesn't post about me or us... What really bugs me is that his ex is his friend on every social media account he has... He had no problem adding her when they were dating... No problem posting pictures of her or making statuses about her... And they're still friends on all his accounts. The 1st couple months of dating, she would always call trying to get him back or threatening to kill herself if he didn't come back. He would answer, right in front of me... Trying to make sure she was relaxed. When he realized it bothered me... He said he blocked her but she'll always find ways to call. Den one night while I was sleep he was in the bathroom arguing with her and respecting her relationship... Once again while we were together. I feel like he shouldn't even be entertaining her, she's doing all of it, the whole suicide thing because she knows he'll answer. What I've noticed was she was still saved in his phone was "my love" this first time we were together... I didn't bring it up until the second time when he was in the bath otp arguing with her about respecting our relationship, while I was sleep. He said he never got around to changing it... At the time we were dating for almost two month... I don't know it's really starting to bother me. He won't even add my friends on his accounts... I don't know what to do. I want to bring it up but I don't know how. Can someone give me advice or something. Would mean a lot.


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  • That is very strange. There is only one reason not to add a bf/gf on social media. You are trying to hide something.


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