Girlfriend thinks I'm being untruthful.. What should I do? (sorry kind of long)?

so I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now and we are the best of friends. I'm just finishing my last semester away from her (long distance) but things have alway been very good with only a few relationship problems ever. I would never do anything to hurt her. Anyway i'll cut to the point. I was out at the club and was dancing with my friend and his girlfriend. I was dancing with my friends girlfriend (nicely we are good friends) when some random girl jumped in between and started shaking all around. I kinda laughed kept dancing and then walked away about thirty seconds later. anyway she saw some snapchats from my friends who where with me and she saw this in the background. she accused me of grinding with this girl and said "there is literally video proof" and she said i would get upset if she every grinded with another guy. ( i agree ) however i explained that i was dancing with my friends and that i never put my hands on this girl touched her or talked to her and yeah we were dancing close but it was a crowded dance floor and i would never desire to dance with another girl or hurt her in anyway. She wasn't having any of it and said i just felt bad and there is video proof. I then got mad and argued and pleaded (i know bad thing to do) it drove her up the wall and she said maybe things where better when we weren't even dating. i said don't say that she said "I'm serious" i said don't say that will you still help me with my assignment later, she agreed... anyway she ended up calling me and helping me and not mentioning it again. Now she is still texting me and answered when I face timed her, she still talks about things in the future together. however she is still a bit mad and makes comments like "why don't u do that with the girl you where dancing with" and doesn't say "i love you" or anything sweet. Im going home in 4 days to surprise her and she has no idea I've been planning this for a while now. Anyway what should i do?


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  • Just continue how things are going, and when you go to surprise her explain to her how she's the only girl on your mind and you wouldn't dare to touch or flirt with another girl. Be romantic and as sweet as can be girls just want the attention and now she has this "advantage" over you so you have to be sweet now. Its how we work.


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