Girls, How do I deal with a jealous girlfriend?

She hates it when I even talk to other girls. I hugged a good female friend and she slapped me hard! She even hates it when I spend time with my friends and that I am in a hard major (Comp Sci) while she is in an easy major (Communications). I care about my education and my social life, and she wants to meddle in both. I would break up with her, but it is hard for me to find another girl, as I am a slightly overweight (but Americanized) Indian guy dating a Korean girl. And many girls will not date Indian guys.

I tried to break up with her, but she yelled at me and smacked me.

It has been so bad that I have cheated on her.


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  • Just break up with her, FOR GOOD.
    That girl is too controlling. It's nonsense that she doesn't allow you interacting with other girls, as friends.

    Tell her about this issue and if she isn't willing to change, get ready to block that smack and leave her.


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  • Love her for how she is and make her understand that they are only friends and no one can replace her (if that's how you feel)


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