Is this kind of conceited of her?

So there's this girl that I know. She's very attractive and she has been asked on dates by multiple guys and she turned them down because she doesn't want a relationship right now. Now I heard her talking before that she doesn't find it comfortable hanging out with guys one on one all the time and she has a tendency to lead guys on unintentionally, something that her friends have told her too. Does that sound kind of conceited of her? It comes across to me that it's because she knows she's attractive and knows that guys fall for her so she doesn't want to lead them on because every guy that she hangs out with becomes interested. It also comes across as I don't want to date right now but I know I'm hot enough that if I do want to date, guys will come flooding in and I can pick any guy I want. What do you think?
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  • It's really easy to accidentally lead people on. Sometimes you don't realize you've done it until later x_x But the fact that she feels bad about it and consistently says she's not ready for a relationship shows she's not conceited in this aspect of her life.


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  • She seems concerned with hurting men's feelings. It is conceited if she assumes every man wants her; it is not conceited to notice uncomfortable trends and avoid them. She has every right to being single right now and to protecting herself from the negative backlash of accidentally misleading someone.

    There's nothing wrong with being confident that she can find someone later. That's a great attitude to have and protects her from feeling lonely or desperate for male affection.

  • No way. I completely understand her because I've done it by accident too.

  • I don't know her life or her reasons for not wanting a relationship. Just based on what you told me, no I don't think she sounds conceited. She might not want to date right now because she is focused on school or work, that happens.


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