What can she do?

My friend has a boyfriend that is obsessed with her such that the guy can't tolerate her talking to any other guy n he even cut himself once... his stress is so bad that he actually stopped eating n coughed blood. She really loves him but we wanna get rid of his obsession so any ideas on what to do?


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  • Okay, I would not bother with this guy. He sounds like he actually needs serious help and I doubt you or your friend are qualified to do that. He cut himself because she talked to another guy? That's going overboard and he also has no trust in his girlfriend at all. He's proving that by not allowing her to do what she wants. I understand if he gets jealous and doesn't want to lose her but he can't control her life like that.
    Honestly, I say get rid of this guy. He sounds controlling and he also has other problems which he needs to seek help for.

    • she broke his trust thats y he doesn't trust her n they both cut themselves when they just broke up... they break up n get back together like sometimes... we dont wanna go to break up so we want a solution that can change the guy

    • You can't just change a person because you want to. They have to want to change.
      It doesn't really matter if it's after a break up or after they shower. I don't think they should cut themselves at all.
      I don't think this relationship is going to last but if you still want to try. Your friend can sit down with her boyfriend and communicate her feelings. She can tell him that she doesn't like not being trusted and she would like to earn the trust back. Also, I think the guy should look into getting some help for himself. If the guy listens, then maybe over time he will change but who knows for sure.

    • ya true tnx

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  • Maybe work with him to find a passion in life or a hobby. You can't always focus on begin with love. He seems to have anxity of begin alone or dumped. I suggest he talk to someone!


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  • He needs to get psychiatric help. I don't want to overreact but there's no way of knowing what he may do because he's out of control. You need to bring your parents and the school into this situation ASAP

  • Get rid of the boyfriend
    This guy is obsessed with her and will probably hurt her in the long run either emotionally or physically


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