Am I too picky?

I'm still young so there's no rush for me to be in a relationship but I do however feel like sometimes I'm missing out. I will give guys a good shot when getting to know them but usually I don't find myself attracted to them and I don't mean physically.
What I usually look for in a guys is:
and a guy who loves to learn from the world. (Books, people, situations and just anything.)
I have a hard time finding guys with goals and ambition. I need someone who I'll have chemistry with and who will light a spark in my mind and teach me new things while we grow together.
Am I too picky? Should I date a guy who may lack ambition or is it okay to need that?


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  • You're just looking for some specific traits you like on guys, I don't think it's picky since they aren't many traits and not bad traits. So, keep looking that you'll find what you want.


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  • I wouldn't define it as being "picky". You are just being selective of whom you date. Personally, I think it is important to be selective , because it would be unfair to you and the guy... to date him for the sake of dating. You'd both become very unhappy. If you settle for the wrong guy then you'll never meet the right guy. 😊💛


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  • Your requirements are quite sensible. Nothing 'picky' about them. You just haven't met the right guy yet.

  • A guy who loves to learn from the world? That's very very scary right there.


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