How to talk in girls in my class?

I'm recently getting over this one girl I had a crush on in my graduate school class. We went on a couple dates, but she ended up transferring and didn't keep in touch with me. It's taken me a couple months to recuperate, but I got over it.

Now I want to start talking to girls again my graduate classes. The problem is that I don't know how. With the first girl, I already knew her once upon a time a long time ago so that made it easy to converse with her. I tried talking to another girl in my class, but you could tell she had a shield around her; I tried to be good-natured, friendly, and joking but she just gave me terse responses. And when that happened I really started to miss the first girl.

The problem with graduate school is that these people already have their own lives and social lives. And usually if one or two of them make friends with each other they sit next to each other in class for the rest of the semester, so if I see a girl sitting next to another one, it's difficult me to infiltrate the ranks.

I don't party or go clubbing or bars or any of that so in terms of meeting new girls, this is basically my only option. I just want to talk to a couple of them, maybe ask them for coffee or something, but I'm having a lot of trouble, especially when I start talking to a girl and I start talking about stuff I used to talk about the first girl and it reminds me how receptive she used to be and how we used to talk during class. Any tips/help?

Anyone? We're at 85 views now and no answers.


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  • same problem as you I'm waiting for answers lol.

    • Yeah, 72 views and no answers? I mean, come on.

    • Dude, we have a 100 views and no answer. I don't know what to say.

    • Lol happens to me all the time, a lot of people click to view answers.

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