Shall I tell my boyfriend about my disability?

Long story short, when my mum (died when I was 4) gave birth to me, I got stuck and I didn't have any oxygen for a good few minutes, my mum had to have an emergency C section and luckily I survived, however due to that I have a mild condition of Cerebral Palsy. Growing up my dad thought I wouldn't be able to ever walk etc, however I'm now 19 and I can walk, and do everything a normal person can do. I go gym everyday for a good hour, I also work as a Auxiliary Nurse so I'm also running about and support other older people. I'm a lot fitter than a lot of people. However I am not as strong but people think it's just because how I'm built, I'm very petite. I also go to University studying Prosthetics and I can play Guitar. So I can do a lot of stuff a normal person can do and maybe more. I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months, he's a police officer and he treats me brilliantly, I want to tell him about my condition but I'm scared how he will be with it, sometimes guys could be put off by it. I told my ex who was also physically fit as he was Military and he was fine with it but told all of his mates which I was embarrassed about. Should I tell my boyfriend?


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  • Your ex sounds like a wanker. If the guy you're seeing at the moment isn't an aching bellend then you should be able to share this with him, he'll think you're beautiful and courageous.

    • Haha he was!

      He said he didn't think it was a big deal, in the end I broke up with him after 2 years.

      I'm just worried it might be too much pressure for him as my brother passed away as well.

    • After 6 months this shouldn't be too much pressure, if it is and he reacts badly I don't think it'll work out in the long run, your partner is there to support you when you need it.

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  • There's nothing wrong with it! And why not tell him?

    • It does sometimes makes me insecure when talking about it. It's something that I can never change about myself even though it's a really mild condition

    • if he loves you he won't have a problem with it

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  • Yes.

    If you dont' want him mentioning it to people, say so.

    But there's no reason for you to be embarassed.

    You want the honest truth? Most people won't care. They will say 'really, no way, i never would have known. Does it impact you much now, huh. Hey what's on tv tonight'


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