Should I tell him about my depression?

This guy im sort of dating for a month texted me "what's up? Are you okay?" . I haven't replied back to his happy Thanksgiving text since sometime last week. He does the same thing sometimes. I've been going through some personal (depression) stuff lately and didn't talk to anyone. I want to tell him how I'm really feeling but I'm afraid he will be rude, ignore or not care, thinking I have too much baggage.

I replied "been having a rough week. Thanks :)" he replied quickly asking why was it rough. I wasn't sure how to put it without sounding annoying, so I finally replied "just been a little down lately". He replied later, "I'm really sorry I didn't text back. If you're still awake I'd still like to talk about it :("


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  • Depression is not something you can hide for a long time without causing even more damage by pretending to be happy, so I'd say tell him. When a guy loves you, he'd want to make you happy. Of course you haven't been dating long enough for him to fall in love with you, probably, but he should at least like you, and if mentioning depression will scare him off now, it'll most likely turn him off when you're in a stable relationship as well. Better know if he can handle it in advance and not waste time on him if he doesn't, that's what I think.

    • Should I send him this or is it tmi? "It's fine. Stressed out by school which I'm failing math, I feel ugly, my parents have been irritating , unsure about what I want to do in the future, career wise, feel behind everyone. "

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  • Tell him exactly what you have just written above... he does not need to know the personals just yet, when you are ready to tell him everything, you will. Until then, dont ignore him.

    • Crap I accidentally clicked the button above lol sorry. I want to tell him about my depression and panic attacks. I'm afraid of criticism but I just want him to know. Last relationship, the guy made fun of my depression and anxiety

  • Depends on what it is. It's hard to say without details. I'd probably just say something like "I'm having a rough week. Thanks :)" or something similar.


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