Going to college at a younger age, Dating is an issue, how would you handle it?

So basically being 15 and going to college and taking classes on campus causes some issues. Honestly not many 18/19 year olds would even consider a 15 year old. I recently just got some fantastic advice on how I should value a girl not like her. So basically treat her as if she is "one of a kind" and not just think if all else fails there is "plenty of fish in the sea". Though going on a date would be a bit awkward, I am going to get a job with a family friend making a pretty decent amount of money for a 15 year old. Like $8.75 an hour or something but it would just be weird. Knowing she would have to drive me everywhere we went. Now it is not impossible there are younger people that are around 16 that go but they are like a needle in haystack and you simply cannot tell the difference between them. I don't look at age I look at maturity, I always though of it is, Would you rather date a 20 year old with the matuirty of a 15 year old or date a 15 year old with the maturity level of a 20 year old? Now I would think it would be a simple answer, knowing he/she may be 20 though you could easily mistake them for a 15 year old if obvious reasons such as facial hair and stuff weren't there. Just wanted to get this out and see how other people would handle the situation.


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  • I went to college at 16, I told myself that I wasn't going to date anyways. So when guys did hit on me on campus, I just told them "No, thank you. I am not interested." When I was 17, I met an 18 year old guy, and we became friends. Once I turned 18, he asked me out and I decided to try dating him.

    But no, I'm sorry but 15 is too young and not of legal age so I wouldn't date someone until they were at least 18. Where I live, it's illegal and I am not going to prison.

    • Legal age of consent in my state is 16, though still not 16 yet.

    • Correct it varies state to state, and in different countries. 18 and up for me, though. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be friends with a guy, just no dating or anything.

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  • You'd be surprised on how many people around that age you find, I know I was. I was fifteen, I thought people wouldn't want to mix, but to my surprise you always find someone your age in GE courses.

    • I know they have a whole program dedicated to highschool students, though I'm in a different program so I take classes with the actual college students. There is one girl I know of who is 16 though her personality isn't really my cup of tea.

    • What program are you talking about? Have you fully graduated or not? Because if you have, just grow up about it and go to school and stop making a big deal about your age, because you'll only be excluding yourself.

    • I'm in a program called CCP ( College Credit Plus ) where I had to pass the college entrance test to get in. I'm technically a freshman in highschool though I take 15 credit hours at the College, ( 12 is required to be qualified as a full time student ).

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