Guys, is it okay to massage him on facebook?

I'm interested in this guy. We're both in uni, but we're not studying the same course. We're strangers to one another. The subject our courses share is over, and we're very likely not to see each other again. He seem interested. He used to look at me during the lectures. I always sit behind him, so he'll turn around his seat and look at me.
Once he looked after me in the beginning of the lecture. He turned around in his seat and looked at the people behind him on the left side, then looked at people on the right side, and then looked at people on the left side again, and then he saw me. And he stopped doing that.
We locked eyes for maybe about 3-4 seconds during the last lecture. (again he turned around and looked at me)

We're very likey not going to meet again, so I found a list of names on the people who were attending the lectures and I found him on facebook.

I'm thinking about if I would sent him a massage on facebook during the Christmas, but I wonder if it would be creepy/weird? Keep in mind we are complete strangers. I only know his name because I facebooked him. Or should I see the fact that he didn't make a move as a sign of not wanting to get to know me?


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  • No problem in sending him a 'message' on facebook, but I don't understand how you can 'massage' him online! :P

  • If you really like him then go for it. Just a simple 'hi' to start with and see where it goes. If he's interested he'd definetly follow through, Good luck :)

    • It wouldn't be weird?

    • Well you did say that je was searching for you in the class and he's been doing that regularly. It's not weird he's just shy not to act first

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