Should I give up this time?

My crush and I got pretty close these past weeks. I had already been set up on an unplanned "video games/anime/hang out" night a bit more than a week ago. We texted during the whole Thanksgiving break and it was great! We are in the same class, so we see each other pretty much everyday and he always sits next or not to far to me, we walk out of our building together, etc. Yesterday, he waited for me after class..! Then we stayed outside and his sister walked up to us (he usually waits for and walks out with her). She looked at me up and down and made eye-contact with me a couple times (she didn't look so happy..). The night before, him and I had talked about watching the Walking Dead together. I texted him and planned to do it yesterday. We agreed on 8:30pm, but he told me that he had some stuff to do beforehand so he'd let me know as soon as he was done. I waited about 2 hours for him to text me... He told me that his roommates had people over and they didn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. I started thinking that it wasn't gonna happen so I let my hopes down. He didn't show up and didn't say anything (he sucks at texting). I was looking forward to see him and I even canceled my basketball game to hang out with him. He seems to like me a lot, but I was a bit disappointed of how things went. He's a very nice guy and he doesn't have a strong personality like me, he's very easygoing and has a very soft temper, so that's probably why he didn't kick those people out. But still, if he really liked me a lot, wouldn't he make everything he can to see me? I know we're not entitled to each other whatsoever, but if he doesn't make efforts to meet up while we're NOT dating, I don't want to imagine how it's gonna be if we end up doing so. He probably tried to kick those people out, but his roommates are stubborn and rude (I've met them) so...
What do you guys think?
He's probably gonna text me to apologize... he already did after he took a few hours to answer a text. I will tell him that I was disappointed and that the ball is in his court now. I won't cancel plans for him anymore, so he'll suggest something and I'll tell him if I'm available. I don't like wasting my time like I did yesterday.


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  • It can be hard to turn down a night with friends. Some people put too much weight on the value of their friends versus a dating partner. He did sorta bail on you, but I think you just need to try again and see what happens. Be careful though. If he continues to put his friends first, you will always only be second best.

    P. S. What was his sisters dirty look all about?

    • You are right. But he had plans with me first, it's just that he seemed to be wanting to have the living room only for us two and he was a bit insistant in the fact that he wanted to watch it at his place (I suggested that we watch it at my place, but he refused).

      I don't think it was a dirty look. I just think she was just "examining" me, cause she's probably is very protective of her brother. He is the "tall, dark and handsome" type of guy, so I thought he'd be a womanizer at first, but he is very sweet, calm and discret. And I have never seen him talking to another girl but her sister and I (I don't think he doesn't talk to anyone else, but still). I didn't really feel any hatred in her glance, just curiosity and "examination".

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  • This may sound a little cliché, but tell him exactly what you just wrote. If he understands and you two can get together then great, but if not then maybe he is not the right person for you. You're young and beautiful and if it doesn't work out then there is plenty of guys out there for you. It's better to know where you stand then to have to always wonder. I wish you the best of luck!

    • No, you're right! I want to do that and add how I feel about him. The thing is.. out of the handful of guys who have been interested in me recently, he's the only one I actually like back so I really want things to work. I'm not viewing things in a biased way because I've worked really hard to separate illusion and reality, so I'm pretty sure he just sucks at saying "no". But I'll follow your advice! Thanks!

  • In the words of Corey Hart, never surrender. Keep trying


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