Confused (HELP)... Does he forgive me?

I've been seeing this man. I'm 19 turning 20 he's 35, we have a long distance relationship but it's worked so far. I see him a few days out of every month and we text every day nd Skype sometimes , the attraction is definetly there. We became attracted to one another b/c of our personalities and we love eachother's sense of humor. The things is I did something really ridiculous and stupid. For some reson at the time when I was with my friend I thouht it would be funny to prank call him. We kept this going once every few weeks. Silly banter, some cursing involved and he would engage laughing. He clearly knew it was a joke. I figured I would reveal it was me since he thought he was so funny. I thought it would be something we would both laugh about. When I told him, long story short he didn't like it at all. He actually told me he found it mean and weird. His reaction to me was slightly confusing and I told him I care for him I would never do something delibretly mean. He left my messages on seen. I tried calling him as well. Eventually I got text saying "i'm coming in town next week, lets talk then... if you still want to see me?" This confuses me because I dont know if he's still mad or what. What I did was ridiculous and stupid I get it. I definetly have a complex about it because of the age thing... But not talking about it and just going out is awkward I feel. Maybe he saw what I wrote to him and accepted it? Maybe he wantes to move on? I don't know. What do you guys think? I don't want to seem desperate and continue to call and text him.


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  • I think you should wait to see him in person. It could go either way, but your next message should be that you still want to see him and hope the two of you can work through this.

    • So we've talked a bit since then. I asked him if he would want to see me the first day he arrives. His reply was 'if you wish, ha' like playful. Then I replied with something like 'I very much do, but do you still wish?' He left me on seen. I feel like it's because he is saying duh that's why I told you I was coming. I messaged him the next day going, 'anxious girl over here waiting for your reply.' All he said was 'don't be anxious' I don't know what to make of that. It's sad because we were always cool and casual with eachother, now I've been acting nervous and second guessing myself. My thing is I don't want to be annoying so I wanna give it a day before I hit him up again confirming everything like we always do. But do u think the way he is responding indicates he changed his mind and he doesn't want to see me? Im thinking why couldn't he just answer my question? Am I reading too much into it? What do u think?

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  • Is a good think he wants to meet but you should make sure that he eants to meet in a friendly tone. You dont want him to come and see you frious thatwill just cause problem.

    • Yea. I can't believe I got myself in such a ridiculous situation with him. When you say make sure he wants, how do I go about that?

  • Ok, your behavior was a bit immature. You will need to seriously talk about this. Maybe the age difference is too much. You won't know where he is until you talk.

    • He seems to not want to discuss it at the moment where I wanted to. He just wants to meet me. Do you think that is at least a step in the positive direction?

    • Yes, it is a good step. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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