Why is it only during romantic cuddling, do I fart the world's loudest farts?

My boo has now nicked-named me "happy-crappy"?


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  • Maybe you have trapped gas and during romantic cuddling the gas kind of frees up, works its way down to your ass and comes out because all your muscles are relaxed. If your boyfriend finds it funny I would not worry about it and just do it as it natural. I know if I was romantic cuddling with a girl I would actually want her to fart if she needed to simply because of the fact it is natural and normal.

    • Haha well said^^

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    • @archiz farting is natural for you girls to. So I am not going to judge a girl for it. Girls often get sore, sick and uncomfortable tummies from holding it in around guys and I would not want a girl being in that kind of discomfort for not doing something that is totally natural for her to be doing in the first place.

    • That s 100% correct :)

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  • Maybe when cuddling you relax, and your muscles do too, so the farts will just pop out?


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