Should I let things continue to develop with him?

So I met this guy about a month ago, and we've been on about 6 dates now. He's really great -- we have similar interests and I love his humour, we have a lot of the same values and he's just an overall nice, wonderful guy. We talk via text every day between the time we see each other. For some reason though, I just feel like something is off -- when we kiss, it's just kind of "nice" as opposed to "WOW"! He's got so many other great qualities that I don't want to end things because who knows how it might develop and we always have fun together, but a part of me thinks there's something missing. On paper he's my ideal guy... I'm so torn!


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  • I'm doing the same thing right now. Great guy, but the chemistry just isn't there. I've been coaching mine a little on what I like to make the physical stuff better. It's getting there.

    Stick it out! If you think he's great for you, then give this a chance to reach its potential. If you can gently give constructive criticism or even just share what you like in a kiss with one another, then it may get better. :-)

    • How do I do that without it being awkward? I don't want to hurt his feelings or turn him off, lol. How long have you two been together for?

    • We've been together six weeks, so not very long either. The physical stuff is already getting better because I was up front with it, so it doesn't take super long if he is concerned with you also having a good experience with the kissing.

      For kissing, I usually just show guys what I like. Do what you like to them, and they will usually pick up on it and do it back. If he doesn't though, then just gently offer some "new ideas." "I think it would be fun if you tried ____ when we're kissing." Then you reinforce when he does something you like by saying something like "Wow! That was a great kiss. It felt awesome/I really liked it!"

      You can adapt that be as corny or not corny as you like, haha, but there are definitely ways to be gentle with feedback and mostly positive.

    • Alternatively, I just ask man my what I'm doing that he likes, what I'm doing that be doesn't like, and what he'd like to try with me. If he feels like he can be honest with me, then he doesn't mind me being honest with him. It's natural to ask those questions in return, and it shows him that I care about his experience.

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