Did I blow my chance by not taking the hint that a girl I know wanted to date me 3 months ago?

She kept hinting but I didn't realise and after she told me she recently got a new job, I just told her ok, good Luck and left it. Is that bad?
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  • If you still really want to date her/try your luck...
    Call her up. Ask her how her new job is going, if she's liking it, if it's hard. Do a general bit of chit chat. Then ask her if she'd like to catch up with you over lunch this weekend. Or dinner when she's free.

    If she's interested, she'll make time for you. If she's busy, but interested, she'll get back to you. If not, well, you tried.

    • I did once tell her to let me know if she was in my area. She then said she definitely will and even said she's there the day after but I didn't take the hint that she meant she wanted to meet up that day after whatever she was here for.

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    • I always was interested. I was just always too busy asking myself if she was interested. In the end I assumed she wasn't and made myself focus on other things to forget about her. But every so often I keep remembering her. But I've probably left it too late now. I haven't spoken to her in months.

    • Way to hold yourself back.
      Well, this is your chance to be more immersive. The more you really desire to know about her, the more you'll connect with her. So rather than having conversations of two-word length, extend it to sentences, emotions, debates, opinions and what not. Engage with her. Immerse yourself in her world and let her in into you yours.

      And how do we start that? By having a meeting happen. So you ring her up and make it happen.

Most Helpful Guy

  • ... only if she is still single... You basically just need to admit that guys are idiots at reading signals. tell her you are sorry and totally screwed up. Tell her you would love to get to know her better and would love to go out some time!

    • That's risky.

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    • Yeaahhh... no.
      That would make a lot of girls wonder 'Why's he saying that NOW? Is it true, or does he just want to get laid after finding out I was interested in him?'
      It's too sudden, especially after losing touch for 3 months. So first, some catching up has to happen. Can't be jumping on thin ice.

    • @tellmefantasies This is true. If you haven't talked to her all this time you do need to reestablish a connection.

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  • tell her that you did n't know what was going on.. maybe you were confused or somethin... Now go up to her and tell her how you felt about it for real.. and tell her that you find her a really attractive and nice person.. say something.. anything


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