He doesn't talk much. Is it normal?

I've been seeing this guy for a little while. He told me up front that he is very shy but he likes me. We've been out a few times and it is never super awkward or anything but he doesn't really say much. I talk quite a bit, so I just talked about all kinds of things and I asked him if I was getting annoying when I was talking a ton on our first date. He said he doesn't mind. He just sits there looking at me the entire time. He shakes his head or says a few things in response to my stories and it honestly feels like he's really listening to me. He's never even taken his phone out when we go out.

i genuinely enjoy spending time with him. We went on a walk after our last date and at some point we just sat on a bench with his arm around me and said nothing. The silence really wasn't awkward at all. I really enjoyed just sitting with him.

I know a little bit about his family, where he works, what he's studying in school, and a little about his friends. He just doesn't offer up much without me asking. Are all guys like that? Is it normal? I haven't been on a date since high school and I don't even remember how this stuff works. Can anyone help me out


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  • Some people are just like that. I can do that for hours. Literally


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  • If he's shy, then that's totally normal. It sounds like he's a good fit for you so far. You're enjoying each other's company and leaning more about each other over time.

    Awesome! I hope it keeps going so well for you. :D


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  • Yes it is normal, you might be his first date or may be introvert guy. Go along the wind if he really likes you he will open up soon.. all the best


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