Why is she looking at me like this?

There is this girl in my class. Sometimes when I'm in my computer, talking to the whole class or to someone else there is this girl that looks at me. She pretends she's looking at her phone but she looks at me with a certain smile when I'm distracted. When I caught her doing it, she starts blinking kinda fast and looks away inmediatlly but then looks back at me again. I've asked her if she needs help but she replies she doesn't need help. Anyway, she would still look at me, almost hiding but still she's looking all the time. Why does she do this?
  • She's attracted to you.
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  • She's just looking, nothing wrong with that.
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  • She's creepy.
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What Girls Said 1

  • She likes you... why else?

    • How do you know this? I just mentioned her behaviors to you which can be a little weird. Is this a girl thing or what? I want to understand please...

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    • Valid answer! Thanks, I love understanding women's way of reasoning. For us, if we like a girl we will persue her instead.

    • yup! just say hi!

What Guys Said 1

  • She's a creep fo sho.

    • Why you say she's a creep bro? She stares but she does it with a shy smile, when I caught her is like an "oooops you saw me" in her face and looks away lol.

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