Why do some people put you down?

I will never forget this but this guy I knew once... I never rejected him really but I guess he felt rejected after our second date, he started cursing me out and I cursed back at him, he said I wasn't classy enough for him and dumped me, after that he started treating me like a bootycall, he said I have goals in life, im unstable, unworthy, everything I said I want to be a painter someday he would be like yeaaaa hahhaah you dont have it in you, or I want to start my own company he said I dont have the skills to do it , he constantly put me down, he did say I was the most beautiful he has ever been with and greatly admired my beauty, he said it scared him of how beautiful I was but he would try to bring my morals down, he called me a ho for NOT sleeping with him, he didn't believe I was a virgin, he said I looked like I came from a poor family, while I never let him into my life or my friends , he literally doesn't know who I am, he judged me tremendously. why? I only fooled around with him.


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  • People sometimes act like that to make up for the fact that they have very low self esteem (possibly as a result of growing up in an environment where they were treated the same way?), so rather than working on improving themselves, they try and drag other people down to be at their level.
    It can be difficult, but just learn to ignore those people... Smile, nod, say "Oh, okay, sure, you're right" to get them to shut up, avoid them as much as possible, and keep your eyes focused on your goal.
    Having such a negative attitude is a guaranteed path to failure.

    Staying focused on your goals and dreams, no matter how big and lofty they are or how impossible they seem right now, and putting in the time and effort required to learn the skills you need, build the connections you need, and ultimately create the reality you envision... THAT'S the way to success!

    The bigger your goals and the more you want to improve your experience, the more people will try and drag you down. So get used to it and learn to deal with it without it affecting you.
    It can be difficult at first (especially if those people are family or people you can't completely avoid), but try and distance yourself from negative people and work on surrounding yourself with people who support you and your dreams and will cheer you on as you climb up the ladder of success.

    Don't take the negative stuff personally, it's only a reflection of the person who's trying to kill your dreams and your spirit. Feel bad for them, but stay as far away as possible.

    Good luck, you have what it takes to achieve your dreams! Never give up!


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  • He probably has some issues he needs to sort out. Don't let him get to you. I'm glad you aren't still seeing him.


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  • emphasis on FOOLING around please.

    remember those signs for your next date, you don't want to be in a relationship with someone like that, you won't be happy, always avoid that kind of people.


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