Is a relationship ship where you can make jokes about and laugh with eachother a good one or a fling?

All of our friend group tells my girlfriend and I when we're together that we are like brother and sister cause we make fun of eachother and she will jokingly hit me and I'll grab her leg. We awlays end up laughing and were never serious around each other. Is it a good thing to have serious moments or is awlays joking around a sustainable relationship?


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  • Well, it's a good thing to have some serious moments, yeah... I would say the majority of a relationship is serious, but at times laughing is not a bad thing.

    • We never really had a need to be serious cause we've never really had a fight over the last year of dating and are awlays loose around eachother.

    • Yeah, I guess every couple is different. If that works for you guys, great.

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