Why guys don't usually start text conversations?

I'm just curious why guys don't usually start text conversations

And if you're going out with a girl and you don't start the conversation, is it because you think you might bother her, you don't really want to talk to her, or what?

also, is it clingy or desperate for girls to just casually send a "hey" to her boyfriend?


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  • Why make me read and write when you can pick up the phone and call... texting is for 16 year olds.

    Usually the only time I call a girl as well is to meet up in person, if she's traveling I'll have a chat with her but what's the point in talking on the phone if you can meet up and talk in person?

  • I would always text her, and if she really didn't like it she'd have to tell me, haha.

    And I never mind getting texts from the hunny :) haha


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