How can I feel better about this dating situation?

I've been seeing a really nice guy for almost 2 months. He's great and I care about him and like spending time with him, but I don't have really intense romantic feelings/attachment to him like he does for me. I told him the truth and he said it's okay but he still wants to see me and take me out until I find someone else. He also said we don't have to have sex because I should save that (I'm a virgin) for someone I have more feelings for or love. Even though we agreed on all this stuff, I feel in a way like I'm being a tease since we still make out and fool around in other ways.

Should I feel bad even though he kind of set these conditions for us dating? Should I break it off?


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  • He has agreed to all of this with the hope that you will develop feelings for him when you see what a wonderful guy he is. Unfortunately, the heart does not work like that; you will not develop feelings and he will be even more devastated when you leave later. Better to do it now.

    Here is the rule: Follow your heart into a relationship but follow your head out of a relationship.


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  • That's really kind of pathetic for him, isn't it? A bit, unfortunately. Respect him enough to stop seeing him, because he is either so attached already that he wants to continue to to be closer to you, which is unhealthy, if you don't reciprocate his feelings, or he's hoping that if he spends more time with you, he can make you feel the same way about him, so it's kind of a manipulation. Sounds like the contact should end there.


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  • Looks like he is putting you on a pedestal here. I mean... which man in his right mind would even tell a girl that eh would continue taking her out until she finds someone else?

    If you are completely sure that you can never develop feelings or attachment towards him, please do both of you a favour and end it immediately. But if there is a chance of you changing your mind later, then continue dating him and see where it goes.


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