Why did she make a move on me when she had a bf?

This girl has been giving me signs for a long time (3 months)... so finally she came and talked to me...
we exchanged mails... she told me she has a boyfriend... and i told her i like you... she said i like you too but in these times i dont trust anyone so quickly...
and 2-3 days later... she said i like u too "as friends"...
why would she do that?
  • She really has a boyfriend.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend... but making up a boyfriend so that she doesn't seem needy and desperate.
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  • She meant she likes you as a person. Exchanging emails doesn't mean she wants to date you.

    • what about giving me non verbal signs of f;lirting?
      chasing me in the hallways, eye contact etc?

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    • Im 100% sure... she was flirting with me...
      she even said me on chat that "i was infatuate with you"...
      but i dont understand... if she had a boyfriend why did she initiated talk with me?

    • Then she's being disrespectful to you and her boyfriend, and she's deceitful. Why would like a women like that.

  • Wanted upgrade then something really big changed. Like sex life improved he started using his mouth :) If you are sure she was flirting. Too many factors to say one can't change their minds.

    • I dont understand... do u mean some other guy came into the picture?

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    • Oh ok... or maybe she is lying about boyfriend thing?

    • You never know... but I don't know many girls like that and that she said "as friends". When a girl says that, she doesn't expect you to continue trying to get with her. She wants to be just friends. Or maybe she's extra weird. You met her, I didn't, I don't know.

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