Guys, what should I do if the guy that claims he loves me still goes out with other girls? Is he just saying it to get in my pants?

he also makes comments about our future and tells me all the things he likes about that I've never heard anyone say and never really realized about myself.. so it all seems so real.. is it? does he just have commitment issues? Im confused af
  • End things with him
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  • talk it out with him and figure out why we can't just be with each other if we love each other
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  • He is only and only and only trying to get into your pants...
    when a guy is even a bit attracted to a girl forget about love... loyalty comes naturally to him... he won't even check out other girls...
    if he goes out with girls... just DUMP THE DOUCHEBAG


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just talk it out with him but be upfront. Say I don't trust you because you're still seeing other people.

  • you know what to do


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