Is it too late to ask him out?

I went to a semi formal with this guy and we had a great time together, but soon after we kind of stopped talking. He continued to "like" every post to IG and FB and watched all my stories on SC. It's been about 2 weeks since I have talked to him, and I'm wondering if it's too late/random to ask him to go on sort of like a date (hiking)? Should I go for it or let it go


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  • Mid-thirties and keeping up with social media... kudos my friend.
    Its never too late to ask someone out... i told this to someone and she told me she didn't want to sound desperate (made me wana smack her upside the head).
    You want to spend some time with him, girl, ask him if he is down to tag along... if he says no, well, now you know.

    • Haha 1. I'm not really in my mid thirties...

      and 2. Thanks for your response. I just don't want him to get weirded out. He's friends with my cousin so there is a chance I could run into him at random times later on. If i did it tonight, Is 10 too late to text him?

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    • Good point, so should I do it tonight or wait till tomorrow?

    • As soon as possible... if you want to meet up tomorrow... do it tonight. If not... whenever is fine... just don't do it on the same day as the activity.

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  • Yes go for it! Who know what will happen!

    • I definitely never do this sort of thing, haha, so i'm nervous! Is it too late to text him tonight? 10:30 pm?

    • ohh I am nervous to talk to someone right now but I am gonna! hahah

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