How come she didn't acknowledge me when I said thank you?

i finally caught the girl I'm interested in at work during a smoke break today.
We smiled at each other last week and i was thinking surely she is keen so i finally had the chance today to find out.

i walk up to her to borrow her lighter, she was on her phone scrolling up and down most likely on Facebook. She hands me the lighter, then after i light my cigarette, i hand it back and say thank you.

She did NOT look at me, kept scrolling on her phone, did not say anything but pulled out her other unused hand to grab her lighter back from me..

I am confused!! Is she not keen? Was she shy?


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  • Obviously she isn't "keen". If she was interested in interacting with you, she would have taken the many opportunities she had, if she works with you, and most definitely she would have responded to your attempt to interact during your work break.

    • She is right... if a girl likes a guy... she will grab onto every opportunity to talk to him...
      she may or may not be interested in u... u will have to ask her...

    • Sweet thanks for the response i was thinking the same.

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