Guys, How can I get my ex to fall head over heels for me again/stop being clingy after I've already screwed up by BEING clingy now?

So I've been seeing the guy for awhile now (we are both new freshman in college from the same home town) and this summer he liked me a lot but i didn't like him as much now the tables have turned but we are still together we just can't balance it out because now im in love with him and he says he loves me (ive never said it back tho) but im never busy so i come across as desperate and need a way to get him to be crazy about me any suggestions or things that girls have done to get you guys to fall head over heels for them?


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  • Not sure that sounds possible except telling him you love him back. That's one of those things people shout when they're upset and feel wronged, "She said she loved me back! I trusted her!". But getting him back. By being more or less clingy? Buy a PS4, make him watch you play fallout 4 or whatever while you completely ignore him, between fuck sessions. That might do it. But I really don't know.


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