He's changed his communication?

The more comfortable we get in our non-relationship, the closer to a relationship we get, the less he texts.

We we are doing distance which started as us texting all day everyday. But now we see each other about once a week, he calls me more (like every day or 2) & seems less interested in texting.

I don't think he is pulling away because less than a week ago he was saying that he doesn't want to see anyone else because he is happy with me. I will see him on Sunday night.


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  • Maybe he was just using texting as a means to get to know you better but now as he becomes more comfortable with you, he can use face to face/telephone communication without feeling awkward about it.

  • As long as he still communicates in other ways on a regular basis then I wouldn't feel too over concerned. He may prefer talking than texting, and now he feel comfortable with you he has limitied his texting so calls instead.

    You could always ask him l. It'll put your mind at rest as to why he texts less.


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