Why did she make a move on me... when she had a bf?

This girl has been giving me signs (chasing me in the hallways, stalking me) for a long time (3 months)...
so finally she came and sat with me in the class and talked to me... we exchanged mails...
she told me she has a boyfriend... and i told her i like you... she said i like you too but in these times i dont trust anyone so quickly...
and 2-3 days later... she said i like u too "as friends"... why would she do that?
I said ok goodbye... since u have a boyfriend... we shouldn't talk and then she said "how will u forget me, even if u will close ur eyes... u will see me"... why she did that?
  • She really has a boyfriend.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend... but making up a boyfriend so that she doesn't seem needy and desperate.
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  • I don't understand but I think she is just trying to keep her options open, I think something may not be right in her relationship or it could be that she doesn't have much friends and really wants your company as a friend, it could be anything. Have you tried to find out the truth, whether she has a boyfriend or not?

    • She said... they both are having some problems but she will always be his...
      however... why did she chase me for 3 months? i mean why was she so desperate for me?

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    • Bro, i will chose option 2...
      if she want to contact me... then i will say hi, hello etc
      but i won't initiate things from my side...

    • Great!!. I think you made the right decision, sounds good.

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