Girls do you go on picnics one on one with guys you have friendzoned?

For those of you who don't like the term friendzoned, think platonic guy friends that you would never kiss or shag.
  • Yes I would. Just because I'm not attracted to him doesn't mean we can't lie on a blanket talking for hours.
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  • No, that's something I'd only do with a guy I'm at least remotely interested in.
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  • Actually that's not something I'd do with anyone, I hate picnics...
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  • I'd only go on a picnic with a friend guy if we bring other friends along. Other than that, he may get the wrong idea


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  • Duplicate :)

    • With two guy friends?

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    • Sorry, I should have searched first I guess. Plenty of questions on here are somewhat similar to previous questions though.

    • Care to give an answer? Or a link to the one you answered earlier?

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