Does she like me or something? GIRLS?

There was this girl in my class which we've been together for 2months +. We do not normally hang out together or really talk. Even though we don't really talk, I would look at her couple of times. Sometimes she would also turn and look at me and then when i turn back to look at her she would pretend that she's not looking at me. But sometimes i would caught her looking at me and both of us will normally smile at each other sweetly. Yesterday was the day that i really get to interact with her while we are going back home on a train and we talk about some stuff like movies, games and hobbies and while we're talking i can see that she keep smiling whenever i start to talk or look at her. Then suddenly she told me that she was into something that she's interested in, which is ice skating and then i thought of a music video which also she might like which is Robbie William-She's the one. She went to see it and said it was nice and she love it. The next day in class, She played the video again and again i saw it. I don't know if she trying to catch my attention or something but sometimes i caught her a lot of times looking at me and smiling.


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  • she probably likes you. You should try to know her better and then you will see... :)


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